Weekly Update.

Welcome people of the internets! You have found the new page of Insurgent to keep you updated on all the happenings at the store during the upcoming week. To start off, it will be posted on Mondays to highlight what is coming up event wise, game wise, and special comic events as well. On Wednesdays, when new comics arrive, we will highlight whats new and a must read by after we review them. Since today is Wednesday when this is posted, then I will give a whats what this week. New Comics arrived today, including the 6 issue series by DC called “DCeased”. Today was issue 3. This was a solid issue that gave attention to Superman’s personal life and the impact of when things go south.

We are prepping for a grand opening event here in the next week or so, so stay tuned for that but come on in and see whats here before it is gone! The website is now up and running full time, as well as social media and promotions. Tune in here for all the updates, or stop on in to the store and ask!

Go forth and enjoy,

Insurgent Comics and Games (with books)