Book/Comic Preview 7/24/19

Batman: Curse of the White Knight Book One;

Written and art by the creative team of Sean Murhpy and Matt Hollingsworth, from DC Black Label

Good evening all you people of the internets. Today is another installment of a comic preview for all of you. I understand that other publishers exist outside of DC and Marvel, those are coming in later this month to next month. So for now, here is an installment of Batman Curse of the White Knight, Book One. This series is part of DC’s Black Label run. Here, the contexts, the colors, the interactions of the characters of a normal Batman universe are darker, and grittier. Some could call it a heavy read but some would see it refreshing to have a different spin on the Dark Knight.

The story picks up with everyone’s favorite Clown Prince of Crime obtaining a mysterious object from deep below Arkham Asylum. It was later revealed to be a sword……who or what that is for, well, you will have to go pick it up to see (but it involves a certain flaming swordsman). But back to the story. From there, Batman investigates the scene and figures out how Joker escaped (yet again) with Commissioner Gordon, to whom he had revealed himself to previously. Seeing the interaction between the two, now knowing who the other is, was interesting to see. With the overall dialogue having a heavier undertone, the grim set tale is ready to explore the linage of Batman and the history of Gotham City itself. So stay tuned, cover those innocent of eyes and continue to read what is sure to be a thrilling ride.

Another piece done by the booky guy no one knows,