Weekly Update #2-We solidify our game line and no new podcast??

An interesting thing can happen, when an idea that was just a thought flashes that not-so-imaginary light bulb over ones head. Recently I have been trying to find a niche to keep our visitors to our YouTube channel entertained while in between episodes with my teammates at Insurgent. The last video about the baseball strategy involved within a board game, and how it could mirror real life, had an impressive showing for its first week of its existence. We understand, being new at the game, and possibly late to an already flooded market, anything can seem like alot. Yet, with the visions that we have, that I have, for Insurgent, knowing that building some sort of following, no matter how small, is something that requires a frustrating amount of patience.

Speaking of frustrating, the work put into the weekly to bi-weekly podcasts have been stalled due to a lack of consistent ability. Material can be there, but we missed a week or two due to other situations in life. I don’t ever make excuses (more like justified reasons from those of us who think that way) for mishaps or mistakes. I take ownership over things I, or this team does. That being said, we all have current situations that are a necessity until Insurgent can move forward and be what we want it to be. That means jobs, writing, still creating, etc. The priority has been the channel with a game schedule that makes sense (we have a schedule of sorts as of now!) and the making of new material to post here on this website, and other administrative duties that are needed to make Insurgent an official business in the eyes of the State. We are so very close to being able to make certain that when we go live with products, we have the ability to make sales and not just post random items to sell, wasting money on inventory. (I often wish I had some neat thing to sell like keychains or mugs but….hey, that’s not half a bad idea….I just wrote that down).

As for the videos, I have found a niche outside the board games: pixel and arcade games as well as the FPS or adventure game. I have had a blast finding it too, trying new things. I have done some game-plays from developers who all put their minds to the test and created some awesome games to enjoy. With Call of Duty Black Ops 4 coming soon, I can retain this great platform, itch.io, and find new and different ways to entertain the viewers as we still build for the productions on the scale we want.

With that out of the way, this week looks solid to keep schedule with the videos and stories that will be posted either Friday or Saturday, with yes, a podcast coming this weekend too.

So, until this weekend for another adventure, I bid adieu, your new CEO,