We are open!

Hello People of the Internet! Insurgent Comics and Games is now open. Featuring new comics, games, and yes books! We are getting in books (it is hard isn’t, understanding that a brick and mortar store will sell books but we have bucked that thinking!) very soon to add to our collection of products. Today, our new shipment of comics arrived. If you checked our Instagram then you noticed that it was not been working properly, so this can count as our advertisement. Our chairs are also on at our tables so people can kick back and relax.

Also this week, a hint of news. A schedule is in the works for our store and company updates. They will be featured on a new page -insert title here that we currently don’t have- . It will contain weekly updates and news that will be happening. This current page may be where the weekly stories will still be posted, regardless if we decide to change pages or not. A newsletter is also in the works as well. Our address, social media, and other contacts will be on the home page. Stay tuned and happy exploring!

Your charming host and editor and publisher oh my!


The great overlord of the website (President)