A day in the world of god

Authored by Tim Franusich, Insurgent Team member, creative writing team. An interesting take on the day in the ‘life’ of someone with unimaginable responsibility after a reprieve from that duty. The question posed here, is what happened when that break was taken? What happens after?

                                                               A Day In the World Of god
                            The gods have abandoned their thrones and left me here. I wasn’t chosen, I was cursed, cursed to become the very thing they hated. There are no more god’s just me, I’m no god, but I am now. I am THE GOD!

My morning started as it would for any other normal person, I rolled out of bed lazily, fed the dog, fed myself, saw myself in the mirror, fixed my hair and shaved. All in silence save for the background noise of the TV. I always tried to avoid the news, as if my days weren’t depressing enough. I starred uncaring at some sitcom about a man with a talking cat, then flipped off the TV and headed for “work”. I chuckled at the thought, “work” I haven’t held a real job in over a year now. What’s the point right? I mean I am God after all.

I passed by a bum on the street, he looked like he hadn’t eaten in days or even a real shower in months. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a few hundreds, taking his hand in mine, smiled assuredly, placed the hundreds in his hand, he tried to return it saying he couldn’t take this much. I told him no and closed his open fist.
           Where was I? Oh right, “I am god what would be the point” yada yada. If I really wanted I could be living as king of the world, but that would ruin my life style and everyone else’s. If I made my status known then mostly everyone would be living as pious saints, forcing every action and not living with the free will they were given. Also I really don’t want to have to live some holy life sitting on a golden throne with the world listening to every syllable even if it was a curse.
            I finally made my way to my work, nearly a year ago I bought out an old bread making factory that had been abandoned for years. I redesigned it for my benefits. I do need a place to store all these prayers after all. Thousands of file cabinets file the factory from floor to ceiling in neat rows. Thankfully I have workers to manage everything.
“Oh Jeb! We’re glad you’re finally back!”
“Jeffrey” Jeffrey was an “angel” in both terms. He’s an eager person and very dedicated to his work. There are hundreds of angels here, all with their own stories and personalities.
“So how many prayers did we accumulate this time!?”
I asked with a worried look on my face, Jeffery not being able to read my expression replied in his peppy voice “426, 391,984 prayers sir!”
“Oh my ME! Seriously? Well I guess this will teach me to take week long breaks right!?”