Flash fiction

The Cookie Man

  Have you ever wondered the thoughts of someone else? At some point, it would not be incorrect to assume everyone has at least once. This is a flash fiction piece that involves a look into the mind of someone that is viewing our world for the first time. An innocent projection of a new and exciting feeling. For those who are wondering, a flash fiction piece is one of only a few hundred words and no more. Some can even be a few sentences, or even one sentence. It is an art that I have not tried personally very often, but it is something that is appealing to me, especially in this format. The works can take no more than a few minutes to read, giving the reader time to think about it for themselves, and then move on with their busy lives. I prefer to write within the short story style, with longer works but have no qualms about this style. The short time frame to put meaning, excitement, and even tragedy (one could see tragedy here if they'd like, or pure joy, read to make opinion) in a relatively small time frame. So enjoy this piece about one man made of dough and his entrance to a new world. 



He was made from dough, rolled and pressed into the shape of a man. Then he was placed on the metal baking sheet and out into the fire-fueled oven at a few hundred degrees. At first he knew nothing, then after about 9 minutes, his mind was born. There was a bright flash in his conscious mind and a thought appeared. “Where am I?” This first thought was mesmerizing. Then suddenly, a rush of freezing air blasted his form. There was nothing but dark, then he recognized that he could open something that lifted the darkness. He twitched a small muscle and suddenly light filled his mind. What was this? Above him was suspended nothingness, but which had an edge. A though formed, saying that he should change his perspective. Then another formed about what exactly the word “perspective” meant. What any of these words meant. No matter. He knew that he must change views, so he felt a something in his form respond to his thought, seemingly on its own. He looked around the room, his vision had a slight purple haze due to the purple Dots candies that made his…..vision. Around the space he was looking at was a table with a few long pieces of material on it. On the far end of the sight was objects that floated in air, larger objects with smaller ones coming out of them.

Now he was higher than before. The cookie man looked down downwards. He saw that he was now farther from the bottom of his form than before. He became curious and he began for the first time to question. What would happen if he simply move the long appendage on his right side? Slowly he began to move the thing forward. In the air, he froze, unsure what came next. Another thought appeared to him now. Could he set the thing down? He did so, realizing that his form took to a change in balance. He then moved his other appendage up, then down, align with the other. He was surprised to find that he had moved forward. Amazing! New thoughts came rushing faster and faster. He could move forward and explore; no, he could move! He was not fixed in one place. The cookie man began to move his two long parts faster and faster. Keeping a brisk pace he decided to explore. Then in an instant, a booming sound echoed.

“What the-?!”

The cookie man fell down in pain, what on earth was that? It ravaged his newfound senses and he winced. Suddenly he felt something take hold of him. He squirmed, thinking that this thing must not catch him. This new experience was amazing and must not be stopped. He fell downward, farther and farther. Until he slammed into the ground and shattered into pieces.

His thoughts were short but pure; his eyes filled with wonder and amazement. Everything was appreciated.

Authored by Chandler O'Brien