The First Post-Who we are and what we do.

Hello to the readers!

This is the first ever article or written work posted to Insurgent Comics and Arts (as the title of this post says for those of you who didn't catch that) and it comes with great excitement! As we move along, you, the reader, will be able to enjoy the content that is written and posted here. What will that be, you ask? At its heart, this so called magazine or periodical will be the host for a variety of short stories and interest pieces. Genres can be of the Gothic/horror nature, mysteries, adventures, with everything in between. We here at Insurgent do not want to narrow the scope to the point of hindering literary talent, so we leave the nature of the posts open at the moment.

The overall meaning of Insurgent Comics and Arts, is just that: to spur interest in reading, writing, and creative talents in a fun and entertaining way, this includes sharing our love of comic books and games, with reading and writing sidling up to them. That sums up the goal nicely, doesn't it? Now, on to how we do this. It was stated earlier that short stories were to be posted here, but that's not all we do here. If one were to navigate around the links, they would find a portal to Productions, which for now includes a YouTube channel built to solely entertain its viewers through games of all kinds and other interest videos that will remain a mystery now to keep you coming back. (I, the Writer, feel ashamed about that plug, but we like to call it a cliffhanger). If one were to feel especially adventurous, they would feel their hand click the title that says "InsurgentTheater" thinking to themselves, is this like, an opera or play or a video of three idiots doing impressions? The answer is none of the above, thankfully. Except that last part, which is up to the listener. The Theater is an audio podcast set in a radio style program of dramatized stories and specials, like the ones people of previous generations listened to in the car on road trips. We don't mind how you listen to it, in the car or at home. The point is that you have fun listening, and are content with the time you spent to do so. We have some big plans for the Theater portion, with plans to expand some content as we grow and move along.

The plans as we move along include this website to be set up to become a portal to everything at Insurgent. One can ask what the 'Comics'  part refers to, besides the love for comics and games. That is something that we will keep to ourselves until the moments right. So keep asking away if you would. That about sums up the first post from us, with more to come later this week. 

Until we meet again,

A Writer from Insurgent,