This is an interesting story for me to publish. I was thinking of a scene in my head and my mind drifted to something else entirely. (Something I will keep to myself, I must have some private thoughts away from writing for Pete's sake). This scene popped into my mind, and then my fingers began to write faster than my mind could process the words. Then the gears started rolling and WHAM! A story. The character here is desperately seeking an answer to the question of school and her ideas of fun, comparing them to the versions of each from different people she has talked to about it. Garnering very different answers of the same question, she gained no help in finding a path, having her realize that she is on her own. As she tries to sleep, different versions of her possible frames of mind came into her dreams. I could tell you what was what, but where is the fun in that? I will drop a hint however, they have to do with Sloth and Pride. After that, the idea is yours to have! Be free in thinking!

Enjoy this work, your charming author,



She rubbed her eyes. After so many hours of looking into the void that was her television screen, she finally decided it was time to focus on something else. Trying to see the clock, it became difficult to see clearly on anything. Putting down her controller she said goodbye to her fellow party members and glanced at her phone’s clock.

The time read 3 am. 3 am? On a school night? Geez, no wonder she wanted to pass out during class times. Had she really come to the point of staying up so late that the days blended into one long week? Not a very good way to ensure the best grades to graduate and get into college. Not that her grades were a bad thing, but they could be better.

Spending her off time with a variety of stuff that had nothing to do with school made her happy. There was no exchanging that in order to become a complete bookworm. But could there be a balance of academics and fun? Her brow furrowed at the thought. She hadn’t met one person who had found an answer to her question. Each one had a different view. No fun until after college. All fun and no school. Fun this week, school next week.

That last person didn’t seem to be any good at anything really. She had ignored their advice. Yet the more she thought, the more she realized there was no definite answer.

Staring off into the dim, early morning light, she believed she could find something to quell her thirst for an answer. So she decided against sleep and turned her brain into thinking mode. Was she a scientist? She enjoyed her fair share of the subject but did really need to be to find what she was looking for?


And so she moved into the vacuum that was a strive for balance. Suddenly her world swiveled and shifted into something that she couldn’t recognize. She saw herself sitting at a screen with a headset on. A dark cloud was hovering over her imaginary head as she was mumbling incoherent sentences. She looked unclean and sad. Reaching out to touch her shoulder, she saw the form above her head change into something hideous, something grinning. It looked at her and laughed, claws digging into her shoulders.

Then the image changed. This time she was running outdoors. Faster than anyone else on the path. She looked happy, almost smug with her progress. This was a dream that she saw living in would be OK. Until she saw what was in front of her. A wicked looking thing, large and smirking. It was dancing down the path, sometimes hopping and slapping people away to clear a path for her. The grunts of people only made the thing hit harder.

What were these devilish visions? What was she seeing? Were one of these things her future?

She snuggled down into her covers and nodded off to sleep, tomorrow waiting.