Weekly Update #3

Hello all you members out in the world!

Welcome to the third installment of Insurgent’s weekly update a week later than normal since we lost a week due to life events (a day job, yes even I have to pay bills despite illusions I don’t). Aside from that there have been a lot of exciting things happening around the community. The Tomb Raider video game has been a staple of our youtube channel now….albeit to slim reviews, but the other productions such as the new fortnite uploads and the current LAB series has been getting good reviews right off the bat. If I had favorites, the LAB is one of them, check it out for probably my best gameplays. What I am most looking forward to is Call of Duty Black OPS 4, with their new blackout royale battle mode. I am an average player, but its probably my best game to play as a gamer. The WWII edition is one of my all time favorite games, next to the old Star Wars Battlefront 2 for the Playstation 2 (not the newest one, am I crazy? Yes but come on).

There was a missed week from the last flash fiction posting, but that is OK, since the traffic is not one to miss it all that much, the benefits of being small allows for mistakes. Yet. this weekend will be a post of another story as usual. On a personal note, what is happening is very exciting for Insurgent as a big announcement will be made very soon on our platforms, so stay tuned for that.

On the podcast sided, this weekend should be the bi-weekly edition, or thereabouts of, again, the small following allows for missed time due to certain unnamed life events. Yet, rest assured, we do the best we can moving forward as always, so stay patient. With that, this concludes the update, a short one but with the MLB American Leageu Wild Card Game tonight and the Oakland A’s playing, this is what I have time to accomplish and do.

Happy Exploring!

Author and A’s Fan,

Chandler O’Brien