Good day people of the internets! This short fiction Saturday post is several days late, but never fear! It is here to continue your week. Have you ever wandered into somewhere and suddenly realized that you have no idea why you were in the first place? It happens more often than one would think. In this piece, one person walks into a grocery store and then a silly internal conversation ensues. Enjoy.


I stepped through the automatic doors and felt the rush of cool air hit my face. It felt nice after driving in the searing heat. After grabbing a sale ad from the metal rack to the right of the doors, I picked up a basket and began to walk down the right side of the store.

Peanut butter, jelly, bread, bagels all passed my vision. Although tasty, they were not what I was after. Which was…

Was…what exactly? I stopped mid-aisle.

I glanced at the sale ad. Nothing jumped out. Why was I here?

Frowning I continued onward. I remembered getting out of work, driving to this very store to get…blank. It was as if a memory had been removed, erased. He began to sweat. Why couldn’t he remember? Was there something wrong with him? An illness? Did he have memory loss from hitting his head? He didn’t remember that. Perhaps the reason why he couldn’t was that he indeed had hit his head! Oh gosh, what was he going to do?

He bumped into another shopper and apologized in a gargled voice. The room was spinning. Why was he sweating so much? He felt cold. Shaky even. He needed to rest. He flopped on the floor. Breathing heavily, he didn’t know what to do next. Or where to go. Who was he? What was his name? Wringing his hands he tried to not fall completely over. But he was on the ground,

Easy, easy now. Steady yourself, he thought. Someone leaned down and mumbled something. He didn’t really think about doing it but he grabbed whatever the had in their hand. A cup. A small one. He drank it.

Coffee. It was coffee. Glorious, revitalizing coffee.

His world shifted into focus and colors exploded all around him. It was like a rainbow. He decided it was time to stand up. Sliced ham. That was what he needed.

He went to the deli fully knowing what and how much he was getting.